From centuries past and through present time, come and explore the cultural heritage of Kamchatka.

Every facet relating to the culture of Kamchatka is imbued by its history and originality, from the ethnographic settlements and museums to small restaurants and gift shops. From centuries past and through present time, come and explore the cultural heritage of Kamchatka. When you make your dream come true and visit the great outdoors of Kamchatka, be sure to discover its history, its past and its people who live and create here now while carefully preserving the traditions of their ancestors.

Kamchatka is the land of amazing people with a very specific character. The people of Kamchatka have had to learn to understand nature, to know and respect its laws in order to survive in Kamchatka. Native people live in harmony with nature and have been living like this through the ages. They pass down their knowledge through the generations, sharing it with present dwellers and visitors of the peninsula. Ethnographic settlements are built close to large locations and settlements in order to do that, and they are open at any time of the year. In these settlements tourists may get acquainted with national traditions, life and daily routine of the indigenous small peoples of the North.

You can also try to make a small traditional souvenir using old manufacturing techniques developed by the craftsmen of ancient times.

Kamchatka folk art is unique.

When Russians settled in Kamchatka, they surprisingly noticed that native people weren’t familiar with metals. All of the main tools were made out of stone and bone - axes, knives and spears. In the meantime, the natives created brilliant artworks consisting of difficult bone carving, while having no access to typical modern instruments. This traditional craft was preserved, and today beautiful original souvenirs are brought to towns from tiny settlements in deep tundra, and everybody may take one home with them.

Many valuable collections of a certain craftsmen dynasties are shown in the local museums, and they are all returned to their owners after exhibitions. These collections are models for people who revive the ancient skills of making clothes, household items and souvenirs. The museums also help to maintain the history of the creation of Kamchatka, and if you take a walk around the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, you will see why this town has been given the title of the Town of Military Glory.

You can’t come back home of course without tasting Kamchatka’s local national dishes. Natives have historically relied on deer farming, fishing, hunting and gathering. It was not just survival, it was the real art of living. There were no delicacies available back then - native people placed emphasis only on the nutritional quality of their food, because of the severe northern conditions. The simplicity of the dishes is precious to us even now, when its flavor, not hampered by extra spices or a complicated mix of products, takes center stage.