At arm’s reach and even closer, you can take your best pictures of wild animals in Kamchatka.

Simply observing animals in a zoo setting is not for us- what is for us is enjoying animals in their native habitat from safe but very close distances, and Kamchatka is the perfect place for it!

Here animals don’t feel the need to hide, and you don’t have to spy on them wearing any sort of camouflage. All you need to do is to choose a route and make sure you have enough spare storage cards for your camera to capture a beautiful Kamchatka brown bear, a giant whale, an amazing killer whale, a loud northern sea lion or a small ground squirrel animals with your camera.

Plunge into the incredible world of Kamchatka wild animals together with Enjoy Kamchatka!

Observe how a brown bear catches salmon in Kurilskoye or Kambalnoye Lakes, which waters literally boil because of the millions of bright-red fish swimming in their waters. Hand-feed ground squirrels with nuts or apples at the foot of Avachinskiy volcano. Witness fearful killer whales from the first vantage point in Russkaya Bay.

Also, you can go on one of our special cruises, where you will not only watch but immerse yourself in nature. You will explore the life of killer whales with a team of scientists, or swim around these killer whales under the guidance of a professional underwater photographer. Kamchatka is the only place in Russia where you will get access to such unique and thrilling experiences!

Honestly speaking, would it be just pure luck to have an encounter with killer whales? Of course it would be, but you can plan for it and make it a reality by reserving a cruise to the Komandorskiye or the Kuril islands, where you will be immersed into and enjoy graceful games of these jumbo sea creatures. You will also meet other incredible inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean and its isles. Take a chance with the best that nature has to offer!

The mountains will always be there, and they will be there for you during any trip, acting as a background for the stunning sunrises and sunsets that you will experience with your team of adventurers watching them from the water and the shore!