Feel the power of Kamchatka living water!

Water is life, and in Kamchatka this life is boiling and bubbling over. Our peninsula is surrounded by water - by the Sea of Okhotsk to the West and by the Bering Sea and the Pacific ocean to the East.

Kamchatka has about 14,100 rivers and more than 100,000 lakes which look like bright blue patterns and weaves drawn by invisible painters. Millions of red salmon migrate to Kamchatka rivers and lakes for spawning, and their backs color the waters in bright red. Brown bears visit the lakes and rivers and after them, the noble sea eagles. It’s a circle of life, the basis of which is water.

The first thing that makes you fall in love with Kamchatka forever is the taste of the tap water. Just imagine: you can drink it right from the tap, and no filtering and boiling is needed! The local water has a fresh and sweet taste - if you close your eyes while drinking, you may feel as if you are standing near a mountain glacier and drinking this real, melted water which literally renews your sleeping body.

So what do you feel when you are really near a mountain glacier or on a mountain river bank? Your body is screaming in delight, and you are immersed in the clearest air and living water imaginable. One of our 150 hot springs may easily make you feel new and reborn. But you are set for even greater luck if you come to Kamchatka in winter - jump into a snow pile as you just come out of our hot waters. Get a cold training session in for the year ahead!

Finally, here comes the great and powerful Pacific Ocean. You will never get used to the sound of its majestic waves, and every visit of the black volcanic beach is like recharging your soul with nature. Perhaps, nothing else can bring you so much energy than just sitting and watching the ocean waves endlessly reaching the shore.

The mountains are for greater exertion and testing your own fortitude, the water is for relaxation and meditation.

In Kamchatka all the forces of nature greatly harmonize with each other, so when you have tested yourself to the limit in overcoming the earth, water and fire, finish it gently, as you turn to the water to find some energy as the body, soul and mind balance each other.

Start exploring Kamchatka waters beginning with the ocean. The easiest way to pay it a visit is by sea transport. You can choose your favorite option - a yacht, a sailing catamaran or a kayak. Anyway you choose, great experiences are guaranteed, no matter what kind of transport you travel on – just imagine how the seals and killer whales will greet you! If you want not only to watch but to feel it with your body, that’s not a problem -put on a snorkeling suit and go surfing in the open ocean! You’ll feel cool during the first minutes, but then you will feel hot and want to take your hood off because of strong and unruly waves.

The rivers offer their own activities for you: rafting in the rapids, wonderful fishing for beautiful red salmon and other river activities. Our lakes serve as special platforms for brown bears observing - you really need to stay there for a few days to fully capture brown bears in their natural habitat. And finally, swimming in a hot thermal spring will be the best ending of your day. A hot spring… it’s so heating and relaxing that sometimes you even forget about time itself!