Kamchatka boasts not only rivers and lakes but these wonderful and relaxing hot springs as well.

Our hot springs have healing properties, and that’s why local people and tourists visit them very often. Kamchatka has several health resorts, and astronauts had a space recovery course located in one of them in earlier years. Today, thermal swimming pools in both recreation centers and natural hot bath are the best cure for a tired tourist who has walked tens of kilometers and has climbed to one of the volcanoes. Ten minutes in healing water - and you are as good as new!


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Excursions to thermal and hot springs

Kamchatka is very rich in hot springs. The most accessible ones are the Nizhne-Paratunskiye thermal springs. The pools of the famous Paratunka resort contain their waters, and most of the swimming pools are opened for complimentary visiting. You may swim, relax in this magic water there even if you are not the member of Paratunka community.

Another famous cost- free place for simple swimming and improving your health is Zelenovskiye hot lakes. There are eight equipped and open air baths. Every bath has its own temperature, but tourists may change it by putting a hose with running hot thermal water into their bath. A visitor who has already sweated in the thermal baths can dive into a cold lake located near the baths. If you want to improve your health by yourself without recreation centers, you’ll have to visit the lakes at least ten times.

If you travel with children and are looking for mild water in which you can stay for a longer time, the Apachinskiye thermal springs, which are 160 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, are the best choice. A comfortable hotel is situated on the territory of thermal springs as well, and it will provide you with a quiet rest far from the town.

Swimming in wild, natural hot springs is, of course, the biggest pleasure which is available for every traveler. Nature tried very hard and succeeded at creating an amazing masterpiece with these hot springs! For instance, take the Khodutkinskiye hot springs alone, which tourists visit on their way to Kurilskoye Lake, the kingdom of brown bears. The hot springs of Khodutka area are actually wide, warm and very slow river. When you swim in such a river, among forest and the mountains, it feels like you are living in a real Russian folk tale. 

Nalychevskaya valley possesses splendid hot springs which are usually called puddles. Actually they really look like tremendous puddles! Central Nalychevo cordon is built in this territory. It consists of several guest houses allowing you to visit the springs at any time. It is truly unforgettable to swim there in winter - imagine you are sitting in a hot puddle around high snow banks, and then you jump into them to cool down a little… ahhh! What a pleasure!

Some Kamchatka hot springs are difficult to find, and only crafty and strong tourists will have a chance to bath in them. For example, there are the hot springs of Ksudach volcano caldera. One of its beaches is called Goryachiy (it means Hot in Russian language) for a reason. If you dig a small hole in the sand, it will be filled with hot thermal water very soon. Make a small trench from the lake to the hole to add some cold water in your mini-pool. And then have an open air healing bath just right in the caldera of Ksudach volcano!

Kamchatka is a living and breathing land - you never know what is hiding underfoot while travelling, so choose a magnificent route round Kamchatka, and we will tell you where you will definitely need a swimsuit and a towel!