Kamchatka is a paradise for the fans of downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Nature offers perfect conditions for it- cyclones bring so much snow that Kamchatka winter lasts about nine months and even takes over the spring season! So while central Russia is actively covering itself with spring flowers, Kamchatka freeriders are thrilled to continue with their skiing and snowboarding just the same! 


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Downhill alpine skiing/snowboarding

Where do you go to freeride in Kamchatka? In the mountains, of course! Above all, Kamchatka is primarily made up of volcanoes, hills, ridges and hundreds of kilometers of intact snow. Freeriding is such an accurate and descriptive word for what awaits you - Kamchatka has plenty of places for freeriding, and choosing a particular one depends on your desire, skills and finances. 

This is an example of when you shouldn’t save money if you want to ensure maximum experiences with the same maximum level of safety. In short, freeriding in Kamchatka is available for everyone who is somehow familiar with back-country riding. The easiest riding you may try is riding a snowmobile - it includes transporting you to the slopes of Avachinskiy and Koryakskiy volcanoes, going down the Goryachaya mountain underneath the Vilyuchinskiy volcano followed by swimming in hot springs, and some easy spring riding on Vilyuchinskiy pass. 

Snowmobiles will also drive you to any top of the hiking start point within our ski-tours. But heli-skiing, which is transporting you to the beginning of a downhill alpine ski run, will burn the brightest memories into your riding journey. It’s expensive, but undoubtedly worth it: a once in a lifetime experience for most of us, and there are no limits anymore! You may ski all over Kamchatka performing downhill alpine runs into the craters of active volcanoes or to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. You are welcome to join a multi-day heli-program or buy an available spot for daytime skiing within any tour. 


Another unique type of riding in Kamchatka is sailing back-country. The interesting thing is, this freeriding is held from May through June, but the transport which takes you to the foot of the mountains is a sail catamaran! Sailing back-country is in great demand, and it’s obvious as to why: it is mountain-skiing, sailing in the Pacific Ocean, meeting such sea animals as seals and killer whales and even more. Where else can you get so many remarkable adventures and pleasure at the same time during this season? 

We have accommodations for the fans of smooth and well-conditioned slopes, and for those who prefer to wait out bad weather in the mountains in our multiple ski bases in Kamchatka. The most famous base is “Gora Moroznaya” at the Moroznaya Mountain. It is located seven kilometers away from Yelizovo (Yelizovo town is 25 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy), is the only ski base in Kamchatka with a chair lift, and its longest ski trail is 2100 meters with a maximum elevation of 774 meters.

The top of the mountain presents an amazing view of the Koryaksko-Avachinskaya group of volcanoes. Another popular ski center is Krasnaya hill in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Its remarkable view on the Pacific Ocean and the Southern group of volcanoes attracts many visitors, and the longest ski trail there is 1100 meters with a maximum elevation of 300 meters.