Kamchatka coasts are washed by the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The ocean’s power is heard in its waves- you feel its energy within your whole body – just come closer and feel it. The ocean always attracts, and every year thousands of tourists go on sea trips to get acquainted with the ocean. But what should you choose if you want more than just observing the ocean from the shore or from a boat? Try a kayaking trip- you will not just swim in the ocean but slide down, blending with the waves and touching the salt water!


Kayaking is a unique chance to have a new experience, and to get a great impression of Kamchatka. If you really want to feel the energy of the largest ocean in the world, then take a seat in a kayak, especially if you have never done it before. There’s no need to worry- the kayaks are very steady, they are constructed precisely for sea travel. Kayaks are very easy to use- you will be getting used to your kayak just a few minutes after the start of the excursion.

One-day kayak excursions are available for everyone. You will get as close to the Three Brothers (Tri Brata) rocks as possible, you will see how birds from the Starichkov isle nest, you will swim further into the grottos and caves of Tikhaya bay and you will even observe marine animals at arm’s reach! In addition, kayaking is environmentally friendly. Even the catamaran which transports a team of kayakers is powered by sails. Go ahead – make some new memories in