Killer whales

Killer whale is the biggest dolphin in the world, and is also an incredibly beautiful yet ferocious marine predator. They can be found in nearly all areas of the Pacific Ocean – both in open waters and close to the shore, including, of course, Russian coasts. Here in Kamchatka you can see killer whale, photograph it, and if you go on a multi-day cruise you can even observe it from a very close distance. From this perspective, Kamchatka is very much a unique land, and it deserves to be viewed as such. 

It is the only place where anyone who desires it can not only observe killer whales, but also join a team of biologists for a while, scientists who explore these awesome marine animals.

Killer whales live in groups, which range from two to fifty individual members, usually living a one big family. Killer whales groups can join together temporarily to hunt or gather in a certain place for their own particular purposes. Killer whales deserve their fame as killers - they are quite enjoyable to observe, but they are also to be feared. There are, in fact, several species of killer whales. One species eats fish primarily, and its scientific name is the residential killer whale. Other types of killer whales are marine predators - these are definitely the killer whales that are named “killer” because of their diverse diet. Their scientific name is the transitional killer whale.

Killer whales travel in herds as it’s easier to hunt like this, gathering stocks of fish while working together, but predatory killer whales can attack alone and then gather in small groups. They are truly the ocean’s real lone wolf predators. Predatory killer whales hunt and eat a variety of ocean prey including fur seals, black sea lions, dolphins and even whales. Kamchatka shores are a prime location for killer whales hunting - you can encounter them in groups during our one or multi-day cruises. There’s a 50-50 chance to meet killer whales on one-day excursions - it is a matter of luck, but meeting them during our multi-day tours is guaranteed!

One of the most unique trips that we offer is a science and adventure cruise - it takes you a step beyond observing, you will actually study these animals’ lives together with a team of professional biologists. You will learn a lot of interesting information, and from your experience feel as if you have become a real scientist!

You will also certainly see killer whales within the cruises to Kuril and Komandorskiye islands, but if you want to swim with them, the ideal option for you is another separate cruise to Russkaya Bay. There you will swim in the ocean with sea lions and gorgeous killer whales in the company of a professional underwater photographer. Unforgettable experiences await, and this is guaranteed to you!