We have an excursion waiting for those who are not planning to go on a long cruise around the Pacific Ocean but want to explore it anyway – sea trips around Avachinskaya Bay water areas.

Avachinskaya Bay is the second largest bay in the world, with an area of 215 square kilometers. Moreover, it is one of the most picturesque bays to be found anywhere. Avacha Bay has narrow gates which serve as the entrance to the open ocean, and these gates protect our town from tsunamis. Avachinskaya Bay is surrounded by volcanoes, hills and rocks where thousands of beautiful birds live and they will leave no travelers unmoved with its beauty.

Sea trips

There are several ways of exploring Avacha Bay. The most popular one is a runabout or yacht sea trip to Starichkov Island, which is usually lasts for 6 hours. This will provide you with enough time to see the grottos and fish in Tikhaya Bay, take photos of the Three Brothers natural monument and travel to Starichkov Island in the open ocean where hundreds of birds inhabit. A kayak excursion allows you to come closer to the ocean and even touch the water.

As to the kayaks, if you have never used this type of water craft before it’s high time that you tried it! Kayak excursions are available for everyone-just so you know, our kayaks are very steady. Under the guidance of a professional instructor you will learn how to operate the kayak quickly and you will soon be immersed in all of the beauty and magnificence of the Pacific Ocean. You will have a chance to get closer to the seals, common seals and sea otters if they grace us with their presence.

Another interesting way of exploring water areas is a sailing catamaran trip. If the weather is windy, that is for the best- the catamaran sails without an engine and moves as if it flies on the waves, the feelings you get are completely different from ones you will have while travelling by motorized boats and runabouts. It goes without saying that it’s worth trying, you’ll love kayaking!