It’s impossible to miss out on fishing while travelling around Kamchatka.

During a boat trip you will be offered a spinning rod regardless, even if you don’t plan to fish, and sometimes those not even planning to fish, they catch the most, you never know!


is a depth where the
northern sea perch
makes its home

Sea fishing

The most desired trophy of any sea fishing in Kamchatka is halibut. Tourists fish for it in Russkaya, Bechevinka and Listvennichnaya Bays. You may go fishing for a day, but we advise to go for two to three days to fish the best times– early morning and sunset. You may even catch sea perch, sole, mackerel and pacific cod and halibut. The fishing is organized both from a runabout and motor boat. A trophy halibut may reach up to 3 meters in length and more than 200 kilograms in weight. That’s worth trying for, right?

Sea fishing in Kamchatka starts together with small vessels navigating the opening

and ends in the end of September.