Kamchatka winters are especially beautiful.

Winter in Kamchatka is long and snowy, with snow storms and drift storms giving way to the bright sun shining on the attractive snow-white mountains. 

The best way to get closer to these snowy jumbo mountains is by snowmobile. Snowmobiles will help you gain access to the active volcanoes, hot springs and sightseeing platforms where a fascinating view of the Pacific Ocean is made available. By snowmobile you may reach the most inaccessible highlights and even take part in the international dog sled racing if you have a snowmobile!  

Winter in Kamchatka arrives in December and slowly fades away in June. So if a heat wave and flowers have already appeared somewhere, but you haven’t felt enough winter yet – welcome to Kamchatka to join a snowmobile tour!


meters of snow
and sometimes even
more fall in the area
of the southern
volcanoes of Kamchatka


months is
the length of
the winter season
in Kamchatka

Snowmobile tours

Forget about plains and boring trips - snowmobile tours in Kamchatka are a real adrenaline rush and an adventure waiting to happen. Driving in forests, in the mountains, to active volcanoes through the passes - this is a feeling of true Russian winter that fairytales tell us of. The only difference is the method of transport, a snowmobile with a comfortable passenger sled instead of horse-drawn sleigh. Go on a snowmobile tour to the foothills and craters of Avachinskiy, Koryakskiy, Mutnovskiy and Goreliy active volcanoes. Go skiing or snowboarding down the Goryachaya Mountain, Vilyuchinskiy and Avachinskiy passes. 

Get the distinct pleasure of swimming in hot springs of Nalychevskaya valley and see the winter Pacific Ocean in our snowmobile excursion to Mayachniy cape. We have special programs of winter travels for those who want to have both maximum privacy and maximum action in wild nature.