In the past, dog sleighing was the only kind of winter transport available in Kamchatka.

Dogs would be harnessed to wooden sleds, which transported people and different types of cargo. In modern times, traditional sled-dog breeding remains much as it was ages ago in the north of Kamchatka, where the most inaccessible regions are found. However, you can find some professional dog breeding grounds close to the town as well. They are headed by dog team drivers, or mushers, who support and develop the sport of dog sled racing.


km is how much
a dog can sleigh per day


km per hour is the
maximum speed
of a sleighing dog

Dog sleighing

Kamchatka holds up the tradition of dog sled racing quite successfully, and the most famous long distance race is Beringia. Thanks to the people of Kamchatka supporting this national sport and keeping the tradition alive, everyone has their own unique chance to be a musher while driving a real dogsled! You can explore traditional dog breeding and try it yourself as a musher in one of the breeding grounds nearby Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. There you will not only discover how sled dogs are kept, raised and trained, but can also try to drive a small sled yourself, which contains 6-8 dogs. This activity is now available in all seasons - you will be offered a wooden sled in winter and a chariot-looking sleigh in summer. 

Both sides are happy during sleighing - dogs are training, and you are getting a shot of adrenaline and excitement! We have plenty of available routes - from an easy training racecourse on the breeding ground to a day’s sleighing to the foot of active Avachinskiy volcano. If you want to see the real North of Kamchatka and all its distinctive qualities, we offer this unique tour - accompaniment and guiding of Beringia, the longest international dog sled race.