The mountains and rivers of Kamchatka are right next to one another.

For instance, if the fire-breathing Kamchatka mountains are its fiery heart then rivers are the arteries. Cold and crystal-clear arteries, the arteries are themselves full of life.

In June Kamchatka starts red salmon spawning season and rafting season begins at the same time. So what do you choose, rafting down a mountain river quick as the wind, enjoying all of the nature around you, or rafting with sport fishing? Don’t worry, wonderful experiences are guaranteed with whatever you choose!

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thousand rivers and creeks
flow into Kamchatka

River rafting

River rafting is available both in one-day excursions or a multi-day specialized tour. Kamchatka does not have rivers with cloudy water so all of our routes are visible and safe, and even children may take part in some of them. The Levaya Avacha and Bystraya rivers are close to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, and that is the location at which the one day rafting is organized. There is an annual base camp at the Bystraya River where you can rest for a spell or choose to spend even your time in comfort.

One-day rafting also includes fishing. This type of excursion is intended for tourists who would like to have a peaceful vacation. If simple rafting is not enough for you and you would prefer to catch some Kamchatka fish by yourself, you can go on a two or three day rafting excursion down the Bystraya River. With luck you will catch rainbow trout, silver salmon, grayling or char, take some pictures of it and then let it go back into the river! But if you still want more and are not all that interested in fishing, then multi-day specialized rafting tours are available to you. They are organized only upon individual request, and selecting a rafting river depends upon your capabilities and on the red salmon spawning season.

Generally rafting tours are taken by rafting air boats. If your rafting contains fishing then a guide will navigate the boat and it will have single-bank oars. 

If you just want to observe the environment you may choose team navigation- every tour participant will paddle while navigating a boat in the proper direction. But the highest level of comfort is provided in fishing/ rafting- the boat is navigated by the tour crew – you get to enjoy the fishing without any distractions, let the crew drive while you catch the fish!