Kamchatka is not just volcanoes and hot springs.

It’s a magic place for realizing your most challenging ideas, the peninsula of a dream for any active traveler. A few years ago nobody could imagine seeing someone with a surfboard on Kamchatka beach, but today Kamchatka is the place where the first surfing school in Russia was opened!

Kamchatka is a logical surfing destination in terms of geography because the great Pacific Ocean washes onto the shores of Kamchatka. The peninsula also has perfect conditions for year-round surfing due to its strong winds and long black beach. Kamchatka surfing just had been waiting for its pioneers, and those pioneers have finally appeared. Now surfing in a beautiful, remote location on some of the world’s best waves is available for everyone, even for those who have barely ever held a surf board.


Surfing in Kamchatka is available all year round indeed, even though in the hottest days the ocean water reaches no more than 16 degrees. In winter the temperature goes down to zero, and the only thing which makes surfing possible that time of year is a diving suit. Don’t worry about getting cold- you will feel even warm while wearing the diving suit because you move intensely in water and generate heat. 

There is a surfing school, Snowave at Khalaktyrskiy Beach, which is open from May through November. The black beach is 30 kilometers in length, so in any weather conditions you can choose the luckiest piece for surfing. There is a camp where you can learn to surf, rent equipment and stay the night in a tent or a cabin. In autumn and winter surfing with a coach is organized in pre-agreed dates. 

This kind of surfing is unique- hardly everyone can boast of riding the waves in the open Pacific Ocean in winter! We have special sailing catamaran cruises for professional surfers. Our craft will take you to the most interesting spots at the shores of Kamchatka or at closest islands. Riding the waves in front of active volcanoes is an incomparable pleasure, so let’s do it!