It’s impossible to stay silent about your wonderful experiences after visiting Kamchatka.

You’ll just want to talk and talk, telling all of your family, friends and acquaintances about this unique place! Take a local souvenir with you so that your friends can also familiarize with this wonderful corner of Russia. Kamchatka souvenirs are usually made of items such as deer antlers, solidified lava and alder tree to name a few. Every souvenir keeps the distinctiveness of this land inside: authentic bead accessories made by local craftswoman will bring joy to any girl. Also, exclusive items such as kukhlyanka (special warm coat) and torbosa (fur boots) made in the north of Kamchatka may serve as a souvenir and also be actively used in new travels - in extremely cold climates, for example. 

Gift shops and souvenirs

Nature and man go hand in hand with each other in Kamchatka. Man is a part of nature, he is not a king and God reigning over it. Native people always respected nature, and even as they took from its blessings they tried to use what they took as efficiently and respectfully as possible. 

Historically, the Koryaks’ treasure is reindeer. When killing a reindeer, they asked for mercy and gave thanks for the gift. If they killed a reindeer, they never threw away any piece of it. The Koryaks ate the meat and even drank the blood of a reindeer. They made clothes and shoes out of deerskin and national accessories out of deer rack. 

The main activity of the Itelmen, a native ethnic group, is fishing. They ate fresh fish, dried it under the sun and pickled it in earth holes. Amazingly, they even made clothes out of fish. 

The Eveny are reindeer breeders, hunters and fishermen. 

The Chukchi used deer, seals and walruses for sustenance and to maintain life itself. Today we can see reflections of all these cultures and traditions in their original clothes, handicrafts and accessories. Pictures of hunting and fishing, local animals and the peoples’ lifestyle are captured in artistic carvings: deer rack and bone carving, walrus tusk and whale whisker carving

Famous Parenskiye knives with extraordinarily sharp edges are produced in Kamchatka. You will also discover the history of Kamchatka aborigine lives on the handles of these knives. It’s even possible to take music of Kamchatka with you – just buy a real drum in a gift shop! Drums are made in the north of Kamchatka and transported to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy in limited quantities. Shamans didn’t live in Kamchatka, so you won’t find ritual objects in any of the gift shops. Charms and talismans are the only things which will draw your attention. They are made of wood, and the best tree used to create these is considered to be alder. 

Kamchatka charms are usually wooden statuettes of peleken and kutkh: kutkh (Raven) is a guardian of Kamchatka and peleken (aborigine) is a talisman for a good luck. There are special child charms shaped like national dolls. You can also buy modern souvenirs apart from the national ones - silver jewelry made in the shape of volcanoes, the Pacific Ocean, animals and birds, for instance. If you visit such national settlements in Kamchatka as Esso in the Bystrinskiy region, you should certainly come to workshops where all of these souvenirs are made. You will have a chance not only to watch the creative work in process, but also to talk to a craftsman and even try to make some souvenir by yourself! There are also craftsmen working in uniquely stylish ethnographic settlements located close to Petropavlovsk, who know the ancient techniques of bead working, making kukhlyanka and torbosa. Please remember, when buying souvenirs which you will take home with you, make sure that the salesman gives you all of the necessary checks and certificates for the legal receipt of your purchased goods.