Kamchatka is a giant land. However, there are very few roads which can lead you to any particular natural interest.

But it’s for the best – nature at its best remains basic and elusive. In the meantime, you will need a helicopter to see this basic nature, or simply take a lovely walk around Kamchatka on foot. 

Trekking in Kamchatka is one of the safest and most romantic kinds of travelling available today. It is the best kind of transportation, because you can get anywhere, whenever you want. 


days will take you
to trek to Geysers Valley


percent of the
Kamchatka territory
is specially protected


A significant part of nature territories in Kamchatka is specially protected, some of which are in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Now, the weighty argument from some tourists as to why they choose trekking is that some remarkable nature highlights of the List are visible only from helicopter or by travelling on foot. And the amount of intending trekkers who want to see things inaccessible to car-travelers is increasing every year. 

Big amount of snow lays on the Kamchatka mountains, even in June. It is a difficult time for trekking, because it demands looking for alternative campsites, overcoming deep snow patches and flooded rivers (the result of intensive snow melting). 

At the same time, June is the most diverse season: when alpine flower fields lay next to snow fields, when the green of life is so fresh and bright that it makes you feel involved in nature bearing something new. During this period you don’t have to go on multi-day tours, instead try a full trekking to Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcanoes located in the snowiest region. A few days will be enough for you to fall into the severe yet very beautiful atmosphere of these places. 

July - August is the best time for long trekking among the mountains and volcanoes, and choosing a particular location is up to you. You may choose an easy trekking to Nalychevskaya Valley, where hot springs will meet you at the end, or you can visit central Kamchatka and trek around the fascinating Kamchatka Goliaths - volcanoes of the Kluchevskaya group.

Have you already been to Kamchatka and are you wondering what else you can see there? Then choose the routes which had been opened in the Soviet Union period, but have been forgotten today because helicopters became available. For instance, the routes to Geysers Valley: you will see priceless natural treasures, and from the final point of the route you can go even further to the North or fly back on one of the regular helicopter trips.