Kamchatka is the hot spot of modern volcanism and the most active branch in the chain of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

One of the largest volcanic centers of the world is located here, headed by the Kluchevskaya Sopka (the highest active volcano in Eurasia). There are two volcanic belts in Kamchatka, the Sredinniy and Vostochniy ridges. They match up with the deep crack where the continental plateau descends to the bottom of the ocean. The bottom is framed by the deep-sea trench along Kamchatka shores which is up to 10 kilometers in depth. These seismic activities result in deep-water earthquakes and long lasting volcanic activity. Even though it is impossible to observe the continental plateau flow, we can still observe active volcanoes and even more than that, we can literally experience this mesmerizing process quite easily! 


active volcanoes


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Adventures on active volcanoes

Kamchatka volcanoes attract tourists from thousands of kilometers away. Once they astonish you and make you fall in love with them forever, and almost nobody can resist climbing them. Luckily, Kamchatka is rich in these fantastic volcanoes. The easiest ones for climbing, which even children are able to climb, are Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcanoes. They are located in the southern part of the peninsula, close to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. 

For those who have no climbing skills but want to try their hand and do a real climb, Avachinskiy volcano is at your service. Snow patches and glaciers still cover Avachinskiy volcano until the middle of summer. The most active and the highest Kamchatka volcanoes are situated in its central part, the volcanoes of the Kluchevskaya group: Kluchevskaya Sopka volcano, Kamen and Bezimyanniy volcanoes, Ploskaya near hill and Ploskaya far hill, Ostriy and Ploskiy Tolbachik volcanoes. 

There you will find different climbing routes both for amateurs and true professionals. The volcanoes in this region are so active that you can still observe hot lava flowing and solid lava flows, the heat of warm scoria cones, ash falls and noisy eruptions. Every climb is led by experienced guides and is safe as long as you follow certain rules.

But for those who want to experience it all for a limited time we offer helicopter tours - flying around active volcanoes and landing at their feet or even inside the craters.