Corporate event for satellite communication ambassadors in Kamchatka

Organizing corporate events in Kamchatka used to be like playing Russian roulette, but things changed. Now your corporate event will be great if locations and everything else are planned well. 

Kamchatka is not the easiest region for such events, but it’s the one choosing of which can become the last chance in

fighting for a client. 

During the season of 2018 we organized several B2B events. In this post we will tell you about the planning of the “Business-dialogue. The satellite internet: Kamchatka” conference prepared by the FSUE “Kosmicheskaya svjaz” (“Space communication”) state satellite communication operator and supported by the Federal communication agency. Enjoy Kamchatka company was a host party.

High-quality satellite communication in Kamchatka is unbelievable!

Kamchatka internet – how it really is

Historically, communication in Kamchatka has never been great. Only some years ago the high-speed internet appeared in our region. We remember the times when we used to pay 15000 rubles per month for the satellite internet and avoided watching videos in YouTube. Nowadays we pay 2000 rubles per month and have just unreal internet speed – 20 Mbit/sec! It seems so little, but Moscow dwellers, for instance, pay 500 rubles for 60 Mbit/sec. And that’s why we were interested in organizing such an event.

Kamchatka is in touch!

This phrase sounded in our heads, and our client appreciated it. And the souvenir production started using this phrase! We had 4 months to prepare the event. It is very little time, to be honest: Kamchatka infrastructure is not greatly developed, and there are few hotels which could provide a group of more than 20 people with good service. The best time to book a hotel, prepare the transport and everything else is 6 months before the start. 

This time the client had already booked the hotel - “Russo-Balt: Severniye Priklucheniya” which became the place of the event organization.

The “Russo-Balt: Severniye priklucheniya” hotel

The hotel has 7 double cottages and 5 rooms. It can maximum contain 24 people if there are families among them. The cottages have double beds. The hotel also has a restaurant with good and expensive menu, big outdoor swimming pool and a wine cellar. Every cottage has its own thermal pool. But there is no conference room and

covered shed to organize events outside in case of bad weather. The biggest advantages of “Severniye priklucheniya” are top-quality interior, great service and professional team.

We needed to organize a press-conference on the hotel territory. It was the main part of the whole event: mass-media and the federal television workers were invited. Unfortunately, there was no conference hall in the hotel, so we placed the participants and equipment in the restaurant. We paid attention to the next details of the restaurant:

  • heads of mountain sheep on the wall which determine the stage height and the size of press-walls
  • a big grand-piano which can't be removed
  • a fireplace serving as the wall
  • panoramic windows giving too much light
  • a separate restaurant entrance can't be open otherwise mosquitoes will fly into the hotel

We had to set the time and the equipment and remember that other hotel guests would have breakfast in this restaurant. The participants would have coffee-breaks and dinner after the conference also in the restaurant because there was no different place. We had about 1,5 hours for moving furniture and organizing dinner. 

If we prepare a project we always check all its objects personally. Our hotel had many technical nuances, so we explored the restaurant several times, checked the buildings plans, were choosing furniture and planning time: finally we got 2 ideas of setting screens and press-walls and planned feeding time.

Kamchatka is a Mecca of business tourism

Corporative events in Kamchatka are mostly business, not vacation. However, Kamchatka is ready to combine different B2B events!

Day 1 – Arrival and dancing with tambourines

We hired two curators for the whole period of the project. The curators met our guests in the airport, explained the program and were keeping eyes on time and program steps. We dealt with the project managers and Moscow office personally.

Our guests were presented memorable souvenirs when they arrived to the hotel. By the way, we were taking part in their design because there are troubles with making souvenirs in Kamchatka: it may take too much time, there can be no necessary material and the quality is not so good sometimes. That's why we had ordered the material from the mainland (this is how Kamchatka dwellers name the central part of Russia). Our design is the phrase "Kamchatka is in touch" and the logo - the bear with a satellite dish. We also created keychains and ordered wooden boxes with tasty forest smell for packing. Unfortunately, we had a problem with souvenir cups - some of them had been defective and we replaced them. So not all the companies in the mainland are reliable. 

After this the participants of the conference had welcome dinner and were shown a concert of our national ensemble. The concert was going outside, but, as always, Kamchatka weather interrupted it: it started raining and caused mosquitoes, and the concert continued in the restaurant. 

While our guests were enjoying the dinner and dancing with tambourines we had almost organized the press-conference. We decided to prepare the stage and set the equipment at night before the conference after dinner to avoid force majeures.

Setting the sound and video-demonstration system was performed 3 hours before the conference.

Day 2 - The press-conference and informal sea trip

The day X began. Mass-media workers were gathered in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and transferred to the hotel. The curators were doing their job: the first one was dealing with mass-media workers, the second one - with the conference organization. The guests had breakfast on the loft flour - we accomplished two goals at once: we fed the guests and tested video and audio systems in the main hall. The rest of the equipment had already been set by that time.

The previous evening we brought additional buffet tables and placed them in front of the bar - a coffee-break zone was ready! Also we placed the registration desk and press-wall in the hall leading to the restaurant. At the bar the participants of the conference could have some welcome coffee, tea and light snacks. Business part of the conference was a success. Journalists invited to the conference commented on a high level of the business event - it was a real pleasure!

Our plan after the conference was a sea trip around Avachinskaya bay. We changed dinner to a coffee-break to save some time. And then we got another problem - there was no free runabout.

It was the only runabout in Kamchatka, the biggest one for the last 4 months, which had the license for transporting up to 50 people, and it was definitly booked. We left our require in the waiting list for a necessary day. Separating our group of businessmen wouldn't be right because it would break our sailing and informal communication. We just had to wait for cancellation and organize an alternative program. Our plan B was catering to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, we were the first in the waiting list and our runabout had suddenly become free some weeks before the group arrived! That's how we managed to hold the originally intended program.

The guests were sailing for 4 hours. We didn't enter the open ocean to avoid the rocking. Anyway, 4 hours were enough to enjoy the views, catch fish and eat delicious food. The menu for that day consisted of a fresh boiled crab, hot ukha (fish soup) and sea urchin caviar. In addition, the businessmen were entertained with views excursion and a small quiz. The great end of a difficult business-day!

Day 3 - Geysers Valley and force majeure

Our MICE events programs are always rich in excursions. And that's why the participants of the conference had been looking forward to the morning of the 3rd day. Our plan was a helicopter excursion to Geysers Valley. Everybody wanted to join so we chartered MI-8MTV which could take more than 22 passengers.

And we had a problem again. A company manager had taken our helicopter. As there were only 3 MI-8MTV helicopters and two of them were booked we had to charter MI-8P. We were afraid somebody wouldn't have enough place so we removed one curator from the activity. Anyway, the excursion was great - inspectors of Kronotskiy Nature Reserve were performing it! The weather and food were very good. We ordered a special variant of business-menu for the guests.

Corporative events in Kamchatka are pain in tour-operator's neck

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first and the last occasion with the helicopter. Today Kamchatka obtains only 4 helicopters, including VIP one, of the same complectation with MI-8MTV, and all of them belong to one helicopter company. And if a helicopter is chartered for one-day trip probably a company member will take it for his uses. All in all, B2B tourism is still very poor.

Day 4 - Avachinskiy volcano and master-class

Our plan was to hold a satellite terminal master-class under Avacha volcano. The most important point for us was to choose a right place. We were focused on the next positions:

  • getting the equipment and people by car as close as possible because the driving zone in the reserve is limited
  • a good view on Koryakskiy and Avachinskiy volcanoes; also stationary bases shouldn't be visible at the foot of Avachinskaya Sopka volcano
  • spacious and flat place for setting big tents, and plants should protect them from the wind
  • our place should have a safe trail to the "Verblyud" (“Camel” extrusion) mountain

We visited Avachinskiy volcano twice for checking all the details. At the first time we chose the place, at the second time we thought about tents in rain or hard wind. We found out what tents would be the best. Before we had wanted to set two big tents like pagodas, but then realized it wasn't appropriate. 

As a result, we set 3 reliable campsites RedFox tents. We arranged our campsite around a beautiful tent looked like a ball. This tent had a table with snacks. Also we set a separate tent for kitchen and a sanitary tent a bit far from the camp.

The camp was being organized in two stages. The event was intended to begin at 9:30 a.m. The crew went to the volcano the evening before: they set all the tents and fixed them. In the morning they checked the tents and laid the tables.


Our menu had some features. We had to feed big amount of people in a short time, and the food shouldn't become cool while we would be bringing plates to the tents. Food from restaurants, glass dishes were not appropriate. Finally we made up our minds with hot deer stew, snacks with red fish and caviar and fresh salad with Kamchatka seafood.

The sun visited us in the morning. Our guests were enjoying the views: the chairs were brought outside and placed in front of the active volcano. When the master- class finished all the participants went on the excursion to "Verblyud" (“Camel”) extrusion where the Pacific Ocean and volcanoes of the Nature park were opened to their eyes.

Set some time to prepare for the trip - and you will get maximum of impressions

We want to appreciate the work of our client: he had informed all the participants about weather and relief conditions in Kamchatka and they followed all our recommendations. Some of them even took trekking sticks! Even if you spend some days in Kamchatka a right outfit is 50% of your perfect trip. Wrong shoes and clothes can spoil your mood and impressions of the journey.

On the way to the extrusion we overcame a muddy ravine in the snow patch: we put the board through the ravine and led everyone across this bridge. A real teambuilding! The next step was delicious dinner. The deer stew was served in stainless steel dishes with double sides: such dishes help to keep food warm for a long time and doesn't burn hands when you touch it.

Nobody wanted to return back to the hotel, and the guests were staying in the campsite untill heavy autumn wind started. When we returned to the hotel our guests were so sad realizing that tomorrow they would have to go home.


Make insurance for the whole period of traveling.

Choose a full insurance program which includes helicopter evacuation. Never forget that Kamchatka is the severe mountains firstly, and even the closest volcano may turn out be too far from the town in emergency situation. It's very important to help in time.

Day 5 - Coming back home

The next morning our guests had breakfast - fried eggs with crab and sandwiches with salmon caviar. Then they packed their things, filled the bags with Kamchatka delicacies and went to the airport. In the airport we shook hands with the participants of our corporative event, presented them souvenirs and went to

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. September is coming, and we are waiting for the next tourist group - they have an unusual reason for coming. Interesting? Read about their reason in our next article.

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One of the clients looked through our work and offered us to organize the event in another region of Russia

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