In this section we have placed
answers to the most frequently asked questions from tourists.

What season is the best for traveling around Kamchatka?

It is one of those questions which are impossible to answer clearly. Kamchatka weather is unpredictable. Nevertheless, all 4 seasons are good but each one has something special. Let’s talk about them in general.


June. It’s the time when nature is full of contrasts: snow still covers the mountains but the sun becomes more active and blooming flowers and plants are gradually coming into view in the middle of snow areas. So if you want to see how two different seasons coexist – June is your month.

However, June is difficult to trek to volcanoes foot: tourist trails are covered with snow and water and gravel roads are nonfunctional after long winter. Only well-equipped off-roaders overcome these obstacles. If you choose June for visiting volcanoes think over your outfit properly.

The Ocean in June is getting more friendly and kind-hearted: first bird rookeries appear, whales and killer whales pay their first visit to Kamchatka shores. Concerning group helicopter excursions in June, a stunning excursion to the Valley of Geysers (with landing at Nalychevskiy Nature Park or the Zhupanovo River) is available.

And finally, cheap flight tickets are the main advantage of visiting Kamchatka in June. Hurry up because in July the price will increase in 3-4 times!

July. Nature is still waking up after winter. Snow starts melting on many mountain roads, cars can come closer to volcanoes and tourists find it easier to travel. However, the area of the Southern group of volcanoes ( Mutnovskiy and Goreliy) is still full of snow. The biggest amount of snow in Kamchatka falls exactly there! It melts very slowly and keeps lying till the end of August.

Short-time but severe cyclones may appear this month. They renew dried out rivers and turn their quiet running into rapid flowing. Deep fog and low clouds hide Kamchatka great mountains.

In July you have a chance to see Kamchatka as it is - with its naughty temper, with its powerful beauty and nature. This month all tours are at your feet, especially helicopter excursion to Kurilskoye Lake (the bear observing tour).

August. August is the most popular among tourists. During this month the hotels are full and tickets price reaches the top if you buy them just before the trip.

In August the routes become fully accessible to travel on: there is little snow left on volcanoes and roads are generally functional. But exceptions happen to be. August is ideal for tourists who like active rest but want to avoid heavy physical activities and for traveling with children.


Among three autumn months September is the most appropriate for traveling around Kamchatka.

September. «Indian summer» reigns in Kamchatka in this month – it’s the most marvelous time… Tundra is brightly multicolored like the Eastern handmade carpet; it is rich in berries – cranberries and blueberries. The sun is shining for a fortnight steadily.

Silver salmon is spawning in rivers. August cool nights let you relax in hot springs under the stars without a break! In addition, September is perfect for helicopter tours and fishing.

October and November. These months are rather extreme for traveling around Kamchatka – it’s the period of storms and intensive cyclones, the time when two seasons replace each other. The mountains are covered with fresh snow again, nights get colder and even frosty.


It is said that winter in Kamchatka lasts for 9 months. Well, 9 months is a bit thick but 7 months is for sure!

December and January. These months meet winter. Every year they are different: sometimes snowy, sometimes not. During this period there is not enough snow on the mountains to organize snowmobile excursions, but it is enough for dog sleighing, ski tours and downhill alpine skiing near the town! In January it often storms, snow on the mountains is not constant.

February. It is the start of the heli-skiing season! Now Kamchatka is rich in snow, and complex snowmobile excursions may be organized.


March and April. Spring is in the calendar but winter is not going to leave Kamchatka. Days get much warmer. Kamchatka winter is famous for big amount of snow and sun, so it is becoming usual to meet people in bikini sunbathing while skiing! In March and April snowmobile tours, dog sleighing, heli-skiing are in great demand.

May. Marine routes for small vessels become available. Many sea tours are nonfunctional but you can book a hotel room on the cheap instead.

Kamchatka is waiting for you – it will make you fall in love with it in any season!

What is the weather usually like in Kamchatka?

There are all kinds of weather. It is difficult to predict it: forecasts often correspond to reality maximum for 1-2 days. If you want to visit Kamchatka be ready for the most surprising weather, don't forget to take warm clothes (or extra layer) and trekking boots with you.

Even in summer snow keeps lying on the mountains. Summer night temperature sometimes goes below 0 C, it may be both very hot and very cold. You need to have wind-prove jackets and sweaters (or thermal underwear) for sure.

Is it difficult to climb Kamchatka volcanoes?

Kamchatka has about 300 volcanoes 30 of which are active. People visit Kamchatka not only to look at our fire Goliaths but to climb one of them.

Mutnovskiy volcano is the easiest one for climbing. In August it will take you only 2 hours to enter into the active crater, in case the snow has melted before your trip and made the road accessible. Avachinskiy volcano is one of the most inaccessible volcanoes. Moreover, Kluchevskaya Sopka (the highest active volcano in Eurasia), Kamen and Ostriy Tolbachik volcanoes are available only for professional climbers.

In the whole, any climbing depends on your physical form, desire and aim to overcome all the obstacles for unforgettable experience!

Is it necessary to have (bring) trekking boots with you?

You do need the trekking boots for sure, because you are planning to climb or to reach at least the foot of the volcano. The reason is that during the whole summer snow patches keep lying and, moreover, mix with volcanic ash when melting. If you don't wear special boots your feet will be constantly soaked and sore.

Traveling around Kamchatka you will walk down sharp lava and slippery stones, go through snow patches and fall ankle deep in snow. Volcanic landscape demands trekking boots. If you don't prepare the boots for Kamchatka tourism it can worsen all your journey and become a big nuisance.

It is most likely you cannot rent boots. Learn more about a recommended list of things and appropriate trekking shoes in the section “Clothes and equipment”. «How to dress».

Can children go on tours?

Of course they can, and the older a child is the more tours are available for him. The only one exception is climbing programs: they are intended for people over 18 years old. Children under 4 years old can go on tours for free if they are accommodated in one hotel room with their parents. Children from 5 to 12 years old get a certain per cent discount according to a child's age.

We advise parents to have extended insurance cover for a child for the whole period of traveling around Kamchatka.

What food is provided on tours?

The menu is planned individually. Our golden rule is maximum of fresh products and minimum of canned ones. If you are a vegetarian please inform us about your food preferences when booking a tour.

A cooker serves for all tours. If a group of tourists is more than 12 members then a cooker works with an assistant. The only exception is climbing tours: on these programs tourists supply themselves with food.

Can I buy an excursion without buying the whole tour?

Of course you can, and both individual and group excursions. Individual excursions include transfer from and to the place of your accommodation. Group excursions don’t include transfer: you get to the group meeting point by yourself.

You can book an excursion only in case of 100% payment. If the booking is cancelled by a tour operator all the money will be returned to you in full. Mostly companies-partners are responsible for organizing group excursions. Learn more about these companies in the special section of the contract.

How can I book an individual tour without using the button “Create your own tour”?

There are plenty of great variants of constructed individual tours on our site. You can send a request for any variant from its description page. If none of the variants attracts you, please contact us via feedback form (the button “Contact us”) or e-mail us: info@enjoykamchatka.ru

I have booked a tour but can’t go on it. Can I have my money back?

Such cases are considered individually. However, your money will be returned in full if you cancel a trip 30 days before the beginning of a tour.

If you cancel a tour less than 30 days before the tour, the company leaves the right to return you the less sum of money

If you cancel a trip less than 7 days before the tour your money will not be returned.

We advise you to make a trip cancellation insurance when buying a tour. This type of insurance is usually made 30 days before your leaving. So if you cancel your trip due to illness or force majeure circumstances, an insurance company will compensate you.