The Valley of Geysers is one of the miracles of Russia, the crown jewel of Kamchatka and the heart of Kronotskiy State Nature Reserve, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Geysers Valley is among the top five largest geyser fields in the world and is the only place in Russia where you can see geysers. Hot springs, mud pools, small volcanoes, acid lakes and the geysers themselves live their smoking, boiling lives there on the slopes of a beautiful multicolored canyon. 

The Geyzernaya river is eight kilometers in length and runs through the bottom of the canyon. The unique Geysers Valley ecosystem attracts not only tourists and professional photographers but also many scientists from every corner of the world. For scientists, the Valley is a real open-air research laboratory. Just to give you an idea of it, the brown bears love paying a visit to the Valley! Fresh grass grows on the ground (heated by hot earth interior), and that’s the reason why the “Kamchatka landlords” gather there from all around. These majestic bears remain on these grounds until the first schools of fish enter the rivers.

Today the excursion to Geysers Valley takes place in the central part of the canyon. Tourists observe the Valley while walking down the wooden planked trails under a tour guide’s view.