Museums of Kamchatka carefully preserve its history and the cultural self-expression of its native people.

Kamchatka museums are the link to the past and a bridge to the present: the museums are located in every regional center and in every settlement of the peninsula. Visit one of our museums while travelling around Kamchatka, or better yet several ones to understand this magical land even more thoroughly. 

Special exhibitions including art and photographic ones of local artists are held in the museums throughout the year.  


The best museum to start exploring the history of Kamchatka is Kamchatka Regional United Museum. Interesting artifacts, weapons, valuable books, documents and photographs are available here. Also, very unique collections of ethnography and archeology of material and intellectual culture is available, comprised of the ancient Itelmens, Koryaks, Chukhi, Eveny, Aleuts, Dolgans and Nganasans (natives of the Taimyr Peninsula) artifacts are concentrated in the museum. 

The visit to the museum is usually included in the program of the highlight city tour around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Pay attention to Kamchatka Regional Art Museum when walking around the historical center of Petropavlovsk. Here are more than 3000 works of painting, graphics, sculpting, arts and crafts, decorative and applied art, folk art, art photography and children crafts. Artists also offer some of their works for sale in the museum. 

Kamchatka has completely unique museums, not typical ones. For instance, Bystrinskiy Ethnographic Museum, the only one in Kamchatka, is located in Esso. The museum contains the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Kamchatka peoples. Here are the Koryaks semi-underground housing, architectural complex of Cossack ostrog and wooden carved sculptures on mythological themes of Kamchatka native peoples. 

Regarding modern museums, we advise you to visit the volcano museum Vulkanarium in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. It is an interactive museum, where volcanoes puff with fumaroles, red hot lava flows out of cracks and stalactites hang from the ceiling of the lava cave, just as in the real life. Here you can touch most of the museum pieces, examine them under a magnifying glass and even put water some of them. After visiting such a museum you will think differently about volcanic processes during the rest of your trip!

Kamchatka represents not only its unique nature, it is also a guardian of the memory of its great travelers and discoverers. Kamchatka is the peninsula whose capital has been honored with the name of Hero Town. Kamchatka is proud of its native people, thanks to whom harmony between people and wild nature has been carefully preserved. Kamchatka possesses a great cultural heritage - you should definitely come visit us and get to know it intimately.