Kamchatka has its own municipal beach

This beach is not as typical as it may seem. 

First, it is located out of town and there is no public transport. Second, the sand is black! It’s black because it is a volcanic, titanium and magnetic sand. This type of sand is a valuable raw material for titanium production. However, Kamchatka doesn’t produce titanium and doesn’t sell the sand. It is used for beneficial purposes in winter public roads, which are sprinkled with the black sand to prevent cars from sliding. This black volcanic beach is unique, a perfectly beautiful leisure area where everyone can discover something new for themselves.


km is the length
of the volcanic beach


млн кв. км – превышает
площадь Тихого океана
площадь всей суши

Volcanic beach

Khalaktyrskiy Beach, which is famous for its black volcanic sand, is a wonderfully unique place to get acquainted with the Pacific Ocean. But only its name is pacific- the ocean itself is not so peaceful, and its waves may reach up to three meters in height on even a rather windless day. Such a type of wave is, however, ideal for surfing.

Surfing in Kamchatka is not unusual anymore- today everyone is able to ride their own waves! You can rent a surfing board and a diving suit in the surf camp right at the beach, and professional coaches will teach you the basics of surfing. Even walking around the beach is worth spending time on- imagine strolling barefoot down hot sand, breathing fresh ocean air, listening to the sound of waves and meditating. If you are feeling quite brave you are welcome to swim in the ocean, but be careful. The temperature of water is never more than sixteen degrees, and swimming in those chilly waters is not a good idea for most of us.

In autumn the ocean tundra starts blooming and surprises its guests with autumn gifts: mountain cranberry, black water berry, Kamchatka honeysuckle, arctic bramble, wild rose and cedar cones. Every summer tourist visitor center and a café staff start working at the beach. A comfortable wooden trail has been created for you to get there. The beach is also designed for children- a beautiful playground has been built just for them!

The beach also has benches for those who want to have some rest and observe the ocean while sitting comfortably. In winter you can visit the beach by car, but if there is so much snow that your car won’t get through it we will gladly offer you a snowmobile. In a one-day snowmobile excursion you can see the small bays close by the town and go down to Khalaktyrskiy Beach to enjoy all of its natural beauty and charm.