Hangar volcano is situated at the Sredinny Range in the ancient shield-shaped volcano caldera. It is six kilometers in diameter and its peak is 2000meters above sea level. Hangar is unbelievably beautiful- the catastrophic subcaldera eruption happened there about 7000 years ago (subcaldera eruptions are so strong they may even change the Earth’s climate) when Hangar erupted 14,000 -15,000 cubic kilometers of pyroclastic rock (volcanic rock fragments) into the atmosphere.

Pyroclastic floods and lava didn’t flow over the caldera edges, but the ash did spread along and around Kamchatka. As a result, a tremendous crater of 4.7 kilometers in area appeared on and at the top of Hangar. Then the picture-perfect high mountain lake Kuzhgumk appeared in this crater- the water is crystal clear with a depth of 150 meters. These still waters have an extruding dome under them which top sticks out like three little islands in the southeastern part of the lake. One of these isles serves as a helicopter runway, and just being on this isle in the middle of the lake is truly a pleasure.

For a long time Hangar volcano had been being considered extinct, but then volcanologists made additional studies and discovered that Hangar also erupted about 400 years ago- the volcano was immediately classified as potentially active. In addition, new eruptions may have the same disastrous results as this is exactly how volcanoes like to wake up after a long sleep. 

It is better to visit Hangar by helicopter because it is located in such an inaccessible region. It is 110kilometers away from the closest village, Milkovo. Trekking to the summit crater within Kuzhgumk lake is even more difficult- the lake is surrounded by rocks and lava remnants are there, all located close to the lake.