Helicopter traveling in this region is quite useful because the Kamchatka peninsula stretches from the North to the South for 1600 kilometers - quite a distance indeed!

The total area of the region together with the Komandorskiye and Karaginskiy islands is 464, 300 square kilometers. However, this huge territory is the least populated and one of the wildest corners of Russia. The total length of public paved roads is only about 1800 kilometers, and that’s why most of the area’s beautiful highlights are available only by helicopter. 

Helicopters are used both for transporting passengers and cargos to distant settlements of Kamchatka and organizing trips to protected natural areas. If your time is limited but your finances are not, the best choice for discovering Kamchatka is certainly the helicopter tours and excursions. Kamchatka seen from the helicopter is something unique, almost like being in space. A truly majestic picture of volcanic activity is seen from above, and that is surely worth getting up in the air for! 

We encourage you to view the best highlights while being on board of the helicopters Bell 429, Eurocopter, EC145 and AS350. For the most demanding clients who are ready to travel all over Kamchatka, we offer the VIP rated MI-8MTV with its maximum length among premium helicopters - the president’s choice indeed. 


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Helicopter excursions

Helicopter excursions are in great demand in Kamchatka. There are places which are hardly accessible and exceedingly difficult to reach if you don’t travel by helicopter: then going on foot through the alder bushes for minimum for a week is waiting for you. Even if a road to such places exists, it will require direction, and transportation on the ground will also take up quite a bit of time. For instance, such highlights are Geysers Valley and Kurilskoye Lake, the brown bear’s kingdom- these highlights are inaccessible on the ground, but are among the most popular highlights in Kamchatka. That’s why they are the only locations where helicopter flights are scheduled to regularly. The excursion to Geysers Valley is organized all year round, and to Kurilskoye Lake - from July to September. These group programs are done by gathering teams of no less than 18 people.

For those who want to see more, we offer individual flight programs which a client plans by himself. We use the helicopters MI-8P and MI-8T containing up to 22 passengers, MI-8MTV – up to 24 passengers, and also VIP caliber helicopters MI-8MTV VIP for up to 10 passengers in these helicopter programs. For small groups of 4-8 people we use the helicopters Eurocopter EC145, AS350 and Bell 429.